Monday, September 13, 2010


StarBurstJewels' ONE year anniversary is on September 17!! It's been a year already??? Seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my desk, thinking a shop name and the logo and ideas. WOW time flies.

Thank you to all of those who supports StarBurstJewels, please continue to support and check the shop often for new items.

New Updates: "LIKE" StarBurstJewels on Facebook , and please stop by the shop to check out all the new items. Three new collections added: WrapLets, Bridal and Music Lovers. Lots of new earrings and bracelets, please take a look.

One Year Anniversary Number Guessing Game: There won't be one winner, or two but THREE lucky winners!! (of course, unless one lucky person guesses all three of the lucky numbers hehe.)
1) The winning numbers fall between 1-50!!! (There are three winning numbers) First person(s) to guess the winning number(s) will win a prize(s).
2) Participants of the game MUST be a public follower of this blog.
3)Each participant may guess up to FIVE times. (Try guessing one at a time and see what other guess, I will be posting from time to time to eliminate numbers)
4) Game ends when all three numbers are guessed. Good Luck~

Prizes will be given out at a random to the three winners. Here they are:

Blue Sea Glass Necklace

Blue Star Earring

Good Luck~~