Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning GIVEAWAY~

Game Over: Congrats to and Icitea!! Winning numbers were 44 (My Birthday 04/04) and 18 (I was just thinking 18 at that time hehe). Congrats!! (make sure you send me an email with your address so I can ship your charms to you!! ( Thank you all for playing!!

Spring Cleaning~ Cleaning out my inventory, which is good news to you all because I will be giving away not just ONE but TWO items!! =D (One per person).

Same game as the first one, the guessing number game. =D

Game Rules:
1. The winning numberS falls between 1-50. (Yes, there will be two winning numbers!) (EDITED: a CLUE was given, the winner numbers are both EVEN!! ^_~ )
2. First TWO people who guess either one of the winning number will win.
3. Each Person can guess 3 times!!
4. You MUST be a follower of my BLOG! ^^ (Make sure you click "follow" publicly so I can see)
5. Get a 4th chance to guess by recommending my Facebook Fan Page to a friend AND if they become a FAN of the page.
Please leave the name of the person who you recommended and became a fan of the page so I can verify.
6. Good Luck~ (I will post from time to time to eliminate numbers. =D )

Happy Guessing!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait, the prize!!

The winners will be receiving a charm similar to this one.

Also, if one person guesses both numbers, then they win TWO charms ^_^V

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Finest Cut

Hey there! Long time no blog =P

I've recently discover a neat little shop on Etsy that has laser cut items such as rings and pendants. The items in her shop are so adorable! I bought 2 rings for my sister and I and they are gorgeous! She is a super nice lady who is patient in answering my a million questions and her shipping is super super super fast! I ordered it on Monday and got it on Wednesday, nicely packaged and it came with a free gift as well. Overall, my experience from this shop is one of the best of Etsy! Ok, enough talk, let me show you her items and her shop:

This is the Crown Ring I ordered from the one and only JuJuLee

This is a "mirror yellow" laser cut crown ring. It acts like a mirror:

Here are some other items from her shop:

Princess Diamond Ring

Star Ring