Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of the Tiger!

Happy Lunar New Year~~

I'm going to feature some Asian and Tiger items today in the spirit of the New Year's.

First up...
"Happy New Year" Lantern by Matoby88.
From left to right, the words literally means.. New Year Happy. =D aka Happy New Year LOL.

Next up...

Year of the Tiger Paper-cut by Foldoutcards. There are 12 animals (zodiac's?) in the Lunar Calendar. 2010 is Tiger. 2011 is Rabbit then Dragon then on so on. To see a complete list click here .

Last one for the day...

This is one thing that all kids look forward to when the New Year is here! RED ENVELOPES!! (aka, money envelope)

This is such a cute envelope!! By Katwright. From what my parents told me... children and young adults who are not married are allow to receive and those who are married are suppose to give. (My cousin said he'll never get marry because of this LOL) Chinese people (at least my family) give out red envelopes for everything! Birthdays, births, marriage, etc. They don't believe in "presents" like..actual items. Not that they don't believe but I don't think the Chinese are accustomed to "buying" presents. Anyhow, better for me ^^

That is all for today, I hope you like my blog, I'm still working on it. I've been a little busy lately. To all my fellow Asians and all those who are going to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Happy New Year!! Maybe the year of the Tiger bring you many joy, fortune and luck! For all those who celebrate V-day, Have a warm and cozy Valentine's Day!!


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