Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Beginning...

Hello there! My name is ZengSha! I like making jewelry, coming up with new ideas and Etsy-ing! It's a new word LOL.

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The purpose of my blog is to display and promote Etsy sellers. I used to post all my favorites on Facebook and I think I've been posting so much that people are getting annoyed with me, hehe, so I decided to "blog" about it instead.

My first feature will be MYSELF hehe. I love stars!! (hint my shop name) This is my newest item, a Sapphire Star Ring. Long story short, this is made for, but not limited to, Super Junior fans! Super Junior is one of the hottest Korean boy band in Asia right now, they're probably equal to...Jonas Brothers in the U.S. LOL. Anyhow, their fan club name is E.L.F. (Ever Lasting Friends) and their fan club/ band color is Sapphire, so this is how the ring came about.

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That's all for today all! Thanks for reading!!



  1. That is awesome! I love stars too-
    I am your first follower.I am Jennette.

  2. good luck!

  3. Cute ring!

    Happy blogging :-)

  4. Hi there! Sorry, still trying to get used to this "blogging" stuff. Sorry for my late reply.

    Thank you for supporting!! Good luck to all~

  5. Welcome to the blog world, haha.
    Love the Banner on top with stars.
    Super awesome ring btw.