Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring Flowers

My first feature, besides myself, on my blog will be... *drum rollssss* DesignByHelen!
Visit her Etsy shop at:

Her shop offers a variety of items, ranging from photographs, painting, postcards and wine charms!!

My favorite from her shop would have to be this:

Why? Because it's very ASIAN! LOL. I'm Chinese and love my culture. This is taken in China during her recent trip to visit family members. It's gorgeous!! I believe it's a "wishing" tree. It's normally near a temple, where people can pray and write down their wish or prayer and attach it to a tree. They have a similar concept in Japan. I want to make my own little "wishing tree" one day. ^^

That's all for today, please comment and check out her shop!!


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